West Hickman Creek Veterans Park Water Quality Improvement Project

This project aims to improve water quality and natural habitat in West Hickman Creek. The dam in West Hickman Creek, in Veterans Park near the walking bridge, will be removed as part of this project. The creek channel will be restored using natural materials to stabilize the banks and reduce erosion. The riparian buffer, the greenery that surrounds and protects the creek, will be protected and enhanced. 

Additionally, streamside paths, creek access points and an outdoor classroom will be constructed to encourage people to experience and explore West Hickman Creek. 

Low head dam removal and improvements downstream from pedestrian bridge

diagram of stream improvements that include bank stabilization, creek access points, walking paths and habitat improvements

Shallow creek crossing areas

diagram of stream riffle locations, or areas where the water is shallow and moves fast. Improvements include walking paths, improved habitat, and more vegetated buffers along the stream

Trout Unlimited classroom

diagram of outdoor classroom near creek. Includes pathways to creek and easier stream access

Project steps

Diagram showing stream improvement steps: lining the creek channel to stabilize the creek, installing pathways for creek access, removing the dam