Social Services and Public Safety Committee

Social Services and Public Safety Committee, to which shall be referred matters relating to the department of social services and its divisions, the department of public safety and its divisions, any related partner agencies, and issues relating to capital improvement projects.

An overview of the types of items in this committee is below:

  • NAMI – Fayette Mental Health Court Update, annually
  • LFUCG Affordable Housing Fund, Initiatives and Projects Update, annually
  • Juvenile Treatment Court Update, annually
  • Department of Public Safety Recruitment, Retirement and Retention Update, annually
  • Community Paramedicine Program Update, annually
  • Code Enforcement Review, annually
  • ONE Lexington Programs: Safety Net, Hospital-Based Violence Intervention and New Vista Update, annually
  • Report out presentations from any subcommittee, workgroup or task force created by this committee
  • Other items considered by this committee
    • All matters relating to the Department of Social Services and its divisions and any related partner agencies, including capital projects
    • All matters relating to the Department of Public Safety and its divisions, including capital projects

2024 Meeting Schedule

Jan. 23
March 5
April 9
May 14
July 2
Sept. 17
Oct. 8
Nov. 12

All meetings are held at 1 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Government Center, 200 E. Main St., Lexington, KY, unless otherwise stated.

Committee Members

Jennifer Reynolds, 11th District Councilmember – Chair
Whitney Baxter, 9th District Councilmember – Vice-Chair
James Brown, At-Large Councilmember
Chuck Ellinger, At-Large Councilmember
Tayna Fogle, 1st District Councilmember
Brenda Monarrez, 4th District Councilmember
Denise Gray, 6th District Councilmember
Fred Brown, 8th District Councilmember
Dave Sevigny, 10th District Councilmember
Kathy Plomin, 12th District Councilmember

Staff: Kendra Thompson, Council Research Analyst

Committee Packets

View Social Services and Public Safety Committee Packets

These are stored in a Google drive, arranged by year. The files are open to the public and do not require the creation of an account in order to view.