Sidewalk construction and improvement projects

Lexington is adding and improving sidewalks in many areas of town, with a focus on areas with many pedestrians and connecting existing sidewalks. 

Armstrong Mill sidewalks

Sidewalks will be added on Armstrong Mill Road between Tates Creek Road and Greentree Road.

Mt. Tabor road improvements

Improve bike lanes, sidewalks and intersections along Mt. Tabor Road. in the Gribbon Dr. and Patchen areas.

Rosemont Garden sidewalks

Sidewalks will be added to Rosemont Garden.

Squires Road sidewalks

Sidewalks will be added along the 200 block of Squires Road to connect neighborhoods and businesses.

Wilson Downing sidewalks

Sidewalks will be connected along Wilson Downing from Tates Creek Road to Nicholasville Road.