Lex Grow Trees awards nearly $500,000 in grants to grow Lexington’s tree canopy

Lex Grow Trees is thrilled to unveil the recipients of their inaugural grants, which will aid the initiative’s efforts to bolster Lexington's tree population and foster community engagement in urban forestry efforts. Of the 22 applications received totaling $2.8 million in requested funds, nine organizations were awarded a combined $491,131.55 in this first round of large project grants. Funding came from an allocation of $1.5 million set aside for Lexington’s tree canopy by the Urban County Council.

"We were encouraged to receive so many strong applications for this first round of the Lex Grow Trees grant. These grants will contribute to our mission of enriching Lexington's urban environment, enhancing community well-being, and fostering a deeper appreciation for trees among our residents,” said LFUCG 3rd District Councilmember Hannah LeGris, who co-chairs the committee in charge of Lex Grow Trees. “Together, we are committed to maintaining, supporting, and expanding Lexington's tree canopy. We're excited to see these projects come to fruition!" Funded proposals, subject to Council approval, include:

Andover Forest HOA - Granted $100,000 to plant 350 trees, enhancing the tree canopy in Council District 6, with a focus on creating shaded community areas and engaging residents in tree care.

Friends of Wolf Run - Awarded $97,935 for the "Large Trees for Private Lands" project, aiming to plant up to 175 large trees in high-need areas within Council Districts 3, 10, and 11.

Bluegrass Greensource - Granted $95,312.50 for a two-year project enabling residents to plant trees and learn to maintain them, with a focus on equitable distribution in underserved areas identified by the 2022 Tree Canopy Study.

Trees Lexington! - Awarded $86,655 for a comprehensive program focusing on tree planting, maintenance, and educational initiatives in historically underrepresented areas.

Hartland HOA - Granted $76,785.20 for the "Growing Together: Trees for a New Generation" initiative, aiming to restore and expand the urban forest by planting 284 trees within the Hartland community and by hosting a community-wide Hartland Arbor Day event in April 2025.

Eastland Parkway Neighborhood Association - Awarded $18,271.85 for a project to enhance the historical entrance walls with additional trees and to add street trees along Eastland Parkway.

Pensacola Park Neighborhood Association - Granted $6,000 to counter the loss of mature trees in their historic neighborhood by planting new ones and increasing the tree canopy by 7% by September 2025.

Bread & Circuses Media - Awarded $6,000 for an oral history project to engage and educate the youth in Lexington’s 6th District about the importance of tree maintenance and the tree canopy's impact on community health.

Friends of the Parks - Granted $4,172 for a tree planting project at Clays Mills Elementary to improve the canopy of the school’s green spaces.

Lex Grow Trees, managed by the volunteers and government employees who comprise the city’s Tree Canopy Ad Hoc Committee, aims to address tree canopy inequities in Lexington and promote the numerous benefits trees offer to our environment, society, economy, and health. The initiative is informed by the 2022 Urban Tree Canopy Study, identifying areas most in need of tree canopy expansion. 

This round of grants marks the first of two, with the second application period opening in the fall. Interested parties are encouraged to visit our webpage for updates on when the application window opens, as well as information about the initiative, its partners and the benefits of trees.



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