Neighborhood Stormwater Quality Projects Incentive Grants

These grants provide funding for projects such as rain gardens, rain barrels, aeration systems for retention ponds, stream bank restoration, neighborhood workshops and other projects that help improve or manage stormwater through education and/or physical improvements.


If you're new to the grant program and looking for ideas, these templates may help you find a project that works for your neighborhood.


Open to Fayette County neighborhood, community and homeowner associations incorporated with the Commonwealth of Kentucky that represent single family homeowners or farms who pay the Water Quality Management Fee.

Grant Award

Projects may be funded up to $120,000 with a required 20% cost share of total project cost in cash or in-kind donation.

Where should applications be sent?

Nine hard copies and one digital copy of the application form with attachments should be sent to:

Frank Mabson
LFUCG Division of Water Quality
Incentive Grant Program Administrator
125 Lisle Industrial Ave., Suite 180
Lexington, KY 40511