Senior adults can participate in any of these fitness classes provided by the Lexington Senior Center. Some classes are also available at the satellite centers.

A schedule of fitness classes can be found in the monthly newsletter.

Daily fitness classes are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Active Aging – This seated class will include strength and cognitive training as well as basic cardiovascular exercises. This class is perfect for those who cannot stand for extended periods of time, those who are recovering from physical challenges and those new to exercise.

Balance Basics Bootcamp – Learn tips to assist you with better balance and practice in a safe environment. We will work through 4 different stations that challenge our balance. you must be able to walk unassisted to attend this class.

Barre.lattes! – Focusing on core and leg strength, this class will use the barre in the group fitness studio for basic toning, strength, balance and stretching exercises. We will also work on core strength through Pilates based movements using balls, bands and rings. We may move to the floor for various exercises, but a chair option will be available as well.

Beat. Drum. Boogie! – So much fun you will forget its exercise! We use the large fitness balls as drums to boogie our way to fitness. No experience needed.

Ch.oga (chair yoga) – Come and enjoy this gentle form of yoga. We’ll incorporate breathing exercises, yoga postures and relaxation while seated in your chair.

Core Control – 30 minutes of strengthening the abdominals, back and butt. We may be on the floor at times for this class. Bring you mat if you have one.

FLEX.ABLE – Let’s work on total body flexibility and good posture from a seated position. Various props may be used including straps, balls and bars. All levels are welcome! 

FLOW (yoga) – This yoga class will be taught in a flowing format. Postures will move from one to another and may include moving from the floor to a standing position several times during class. Modifications will be shown and encouraged. The class will end with relaxation. Please bring your yoga mat.  

Friday Fit Test – Here's your chance to find out a bit more about your current fitness level. Sign up to take three of the Fullerton Functional Fitness Tests for Seniors: the 8 foot Up & Go test, Chair Sit & Reach and the Back Scratch test. This will be offered intermittently.

Friday Fitness BINGO! – Join us for 45 minutes of traditional Bingo with a fitness flair. We will use cards that boast easy to do exercises instead of numbers such as ankle circles, shoulder shrugs, etc. You may sit or stand for the exercises. Prizes will be given for each Bingo.

Get Up and Go – This interval style class includes both cardio and strength training, as well as balance and cognitive work. Hand weights, balls and resistance bands may be used. Class is taught 50% standing, 50% seated, although attendees may stand/sit at any time.

Golden Arches – Join our outdoor walking group during warm weather months.

Let’s Dance – Shake, shimmy, rock and mambo your way through this dance class! All levels welcome, including those with no dance experience!

Lotsa Line Dances – Let’s learn new choreographed line dances and have fun with the oldies as well! Mondays: Beginner-Intermediate, Tuesdays: Intermediate-Advanced.

Mindful Moments – This 30 minute guided relaxation/meditation class will start and end with seated gentle stretches. Soft music and a guided meditation will focus on relaxing and healing the body, mind, spirit. Cell phones must be in the OFF-MUTE position for this class.

Move IT Cardio – We will spend 30 straight minutes working on getting our heart rate into our training heart rate zone. This is a 100% standing class.

Move IT! – This 45-minute class will include both cardio and strength training intervals. You will be standing for the entire class. Chairs will not be used. Take the challenge and improve your endurance, strength and balance skills.

Reflections Yoga – Strength and flexibility will be developed through yoga postures that may include those on the floor. There will be short breaks to allow for rest and refocus. Class is taught through segments of work rather than a flow. Please bring your yoga mat. The class will end with relaxation.

SeatBeats! – Let's dance and have fun all while seated. If you have challenges standing for extended periods of time, but love to boogie, this is the class for you. Similar to Zumba but this is 100% seated.

Simply Yoga – If you’re new to yoga or just starting to practice, this beginner class is for you! Participants will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal cues and demonstration. Participants should bring a yoga mat to class. You must be able to get down to and up from the floor.

Station 2 Station – A circuit class in the FITNESS CENTER. Attendees will rotate through 12 stations that include both cardio and strength. 90 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest and reset time. Participants must have completed a fitness center orientation PRIOR to attending this class.

Strength Circuit – Work your way through six different stations in the group fitness room that target various muscle groups. You may be on the floor for some stations. All levels welcome.

Step 101 – Strengthen your legs, heart and core in this basic step training class. This class uses a 4-6 inch step and requires a good sense of balance and rhythm.

Strong Core-Better Back – We will focus on movement that strengthens and stretches the core muscle groups. The movement will be a mixture of Pilates-based, traditional sports-based and yoga-based exercises. You will need to be able to get up and down from the floor. Bring your mat if you have one.

Tai Chi Chuan – This class combines balance and strength enhancing exercise with comprehensive self-defense moves. This is a gentle approach to the “original Tai Chi.” This class is a standing format. 

Tai Chi for Better Balance – An exercise program focusing on mind and body. It involves slow, gentle movements, deep breathing and meditation. This is a standing exercise class.

Walking for Better Balance – During this indoor walking class, you will walk for 5 minutes and then work through 45-second intervals of various movements that assist in creating better balance, such as heel and toe walks. This will be repeated in intervals for 50 minutes. Join us for all or some of the class. There are incentives for attending class. See the instructor for details.

World of Dance – This calorie-burning dance fitness party is so much fun you will forget you are exercising! Latin and world rhythms will move you through several songs in each class. No experience needed.

Yoga for Healing – This seated format class includes chair yoga, Tai Chi and meditation. Reduce chronic pain, gain flexibility and mental focus in a supportive environment.

Zumba Gold – This calorie-burning dance fitness party is exercise in disguise! This class is low impact with no jarring movements. Let the Latin and world rhythms take you over!