ESP financial assistance

Count Me In – Financial Assistance

Parks & Recreation offers financial assistance and reduced fees for programs and activities to families that qualify for financial assistance. This only applies to full-time students (three – five days per week) in the ESP program.

To qualify, parents/guardians must complete the below form and provide proof of eligibility. Military identification, KTAP, medical assistance cards, foster care documentation or other proof of government assistance is acceptable as proof of eligibility.

Count Me In – Financial Assistance Forms

Submit your completed form and proof of eligibility with your application to or to your director.

Child Care Assistance Program

ESP also accepts CCAP. ​​​The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides support to help families pay for child care. The Division of Child Care is responsible for all child care provider support and The Division of Family Support helps clients apply for the program. More information can be found at the kynect website, linked below.

kynect Website

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements. You can determine if you are eligiible by using the Prescreening Tool. To apply, please call toll free (855) 306-8959 or visit kynect.