Electrical permits, licensing, inspections

Building Inspection is responsible for the administration, enforcement and issuance of electrical permits and the oversite of electrical inspections.


Electrical permits are required for all electrical work in Fayette County.

Electrical contractors may obtain electrical permits if they hold a Master Electrician license or employ a Master Electrician. Electrical contractors must also have a LFUCG business license.

Homeowners may obtain electrical permits for work on property they own and in which they currently reside. Homeowner electrical permits cannot be issued for vacant property, rental property, duplexes or mobile homes.

Permit applications are available online.


Electrical permits cost $10 each.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky electrical licenses are regulated and issued through the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction in Frankfort, Ky. Currently, Kentucky issues three classes of electrical licenses: 

  • Electrical Contractor
  • Master Electrician
  • Electrician.

For additional licensing information, please contact (502) 573-2002.


All electrical work must be inspected. Electrical inspections can be obtained through Commonwealth Inspection Bureau.

For scheduling and fee information, please contact (859) 263-7800.