Elected officials


Fayette County elects its mayor on a nonpartisan basis every four (4) years. The mayor may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms. As chief executive of the city, the mayor supervises, administers, and controls all departments of the government. The mayor is the appointing authority for classified civil service employees; and, except for employees in the office of the urban county council, unclassified civil service employees; and, subject to confirmation by the city council, the chief administrative officer, commissioners of all executive departments, and members of boards and commissions. The mayor presides over all council meetings, but generally votes only to break a tie. Each year the mayor presents a report on the State of the City and submits a budget to the council. The mayor may veto ordinances and resolutions adopted by the council subject to override by a three-fifths (3/5ths) vote.

Urban county council 

The urban county council (“council” or “city council”) is the legislative branch for the city. Fayette County elects twelve (12) councilmembers on a nonpartisan basis to represent the districts in which they reside. These “district” councilmembers serve two (2) year terms and may serve up to six (6) consecutive terms. Fayette County also elects three (3) additional councilmembers on a nonpartisan basis to represent all districts. These “at-large” councilmembers serve four (4) year terms and may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms. The at-large councilmember receiving the largest number of votes also serves as vice mayor. In the absence of the mayor, the vice mayor presides over the council.

The fifteen (15)-member council takes official action through the adoption of ordinances and resolutions. Council adopts budgets for the operation of the city and has the power to levy taxes subject to the limitations of the charter and the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. All meetings are open to the public unless exempt under the Kentucky Open Meetings Law.

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