Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Board



Meetings of the LFUCG Homelessness Prevention & Intervention Board also serve as the CoC Board, which establishes the local process for applying, reviewing and prioritizing project applications for grant funding from HUD. The board serves the same function for local government homelessness funding and this dual role ensures coordination of federally and locally funded projects.

ISSH Policies and Procedures

ISSH Funding Process and Opportunities

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions to Ending Homelessness Fund

Continuum of Care Governance Charter

Meeting schedule and location

2023 Meeting dates

  • Jan. 11
  • March 8
  • May 10
  • July 12
  • Sept. 13
  • Nov. 8

Meetings are held in the 3rd floor conference room of the Phoenix Building, 101 E. Vine St., at 1:30 p.m.

Schedule of Board and Committee meetings

Meeting minutes

Meeting agendas

Elected officers

Chair - Diane Fleet

Vice Chair - Janice James