Alcoholic Beverage Control Office

If you have not received your local license renewal, contact the ABC Office.

To legally sell alcoholic beverages in Lexington, businesses must have an Alcoholic Beverage Control license through two governing agencies:


  1. Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  2. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (Lexington ABC)

Make a payment

Payments can be made online using the link below or by certified check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to LFUCG to the Division of Revenue Office at 218 East Main St., Lexington, KY 40507. 

Pay online 

How to apply for an ABC license

*Note: scroll down for information on a Temporary ABC license*

Step 1

Complete the Kentucky State ABC license application first. Complete all local forms and email them to A check sheet has been provided on the last page of the local application packet.

NOTE: Supporting documentation must include a criminal background check from each state the applicant has resided in during the past five years. The background check(s) MUST be obtained from the approved list included in the local application packet.  

Kentucky state forms

Local application forms

Step 2

Lexington ABC licensing fees MUST be paid prior to the submission of an application. Refer to the ABC License Fee Schedule to determine your license fees and complete the Fee Payment FormRemit payment via certified check, cashiers check or money order to the:

City of Lexington Revenue Office
218 E. Main St.
Lexington, KY 40507  

The fee payment form must be marked paid by the Revenue Office before bringing it to the LFUCG ABC Office. Checks or money orders should be payable to LFUCG. 

Step 3

The Lexington ABC Final Inspection Form MUST be signed by representatives from the Division of Planning and the Division of Revenue offices prior to the submission of the application. Signatures from a representative of the Fire Prevention Bureau, Division of Building Inspection, and the Environment Health Services MUST be obtained and submitted before the Lexington ABC License will be issued.

Step 4

Include a diagram/floor plan of the establishment including all detached structures and parking areas.

Step 5

Include a photocopy of a driver’s license or photo I.D. for all individuals on which a background check has been conducted during the basic application.

Please Note:  A dance permit is required for any Lexington ABC licensed establishment allowing dancing by patrons. The dance permit process is separate from the ABC application process.

How to apply for a special temporary license

A special temporary license may be issued for any regularly organized fair, exposition, racing association or other party.

You must be a non-profit organization, racing association or political campaign function. If you are a for-profit individual or organization, the event must be part of a bona fide civic event or community-sponsored event. Applications must be submitted 14 days before the scheduled event. 

State special temporary license application

Local special temporary license forms   


Dance permit

A dance permit is required for any ABC licensed establishment allowing patrons to dance. 

Dance permit application


Malt beverage keg registration ordinance

Lexington ABC retail licensees are required to purchase keg tags and registration forms at the LFUCG Division of Revenue Office prior to selling kegs of six or more gallons. 

To purchase the required tags, the licensee will need to complete a Keg Tag Order Form. The fee for each tag and registration form is $5. The fee must be paid in advance at the:

Revenue Office
218 E Main St.  
Lexington, KY.  


Beverage service training

Lexington requires any person who sells or serves alcoholic beverages to obtain training in certain areas.

This ABC Responsible Server Training Pamphlet must be included in all Lexington ABC-approved server training programs. Approved server training programs in Lexington, KY: