Paint by Nature: Trees

Paint by Nature is back! This year, the inspiration for artwork will be trees. Artists, both amateur and professional, were invited to select from these 23 trees throughout the city.

Map of featured trees

Different species of trees do well in different types of environments. Planted in the right place, a tree can thrive for a lifetime.  Soil moisture, utility lines, pollution levels and space constraints are some of the factors that contribute to whether a tree will do well in a particular location. The purpose of this Paint by Nature showcase is to highlight the importance of  "right tree, right place" and to inspire Fayette County residents to take these guidelines into consideration when planting their own trees.


View the art

The Paint by Nature: Trees exhibit is located in the upstairs community gallery of the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center through Friday, February 26. The Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center is closed until further notice due to red zone status of COVID-19. 

View the virtual gallery

2019 Paint by Nature artwork