Art by Nature

The Art by Nature program highlights ways to improve and enhance the natural world. Local native landscapes and plants are highlighted by local artists. The inaugural year focused on local greenways and streamside restoration projects. Native plants in medians, easements and mailbox strips were featured in 2019. In both 2020 and 2021 trees got their chance to shine. In 2022, front yards earned the spotlight.

Front yards are one of the most under-appreciated and under-utilized spaces in urban environments. Thoughtfully landscaped yards provide many benefits including:

  • noise reduction
  • water retention
  • improved water quality
  • temperature control
  • cleaner air

About the exhibit

The Art by Nature: Front Yard Friends exhibit was displayed at the Loudoun House from August 26 through September 24, 2022. The exhibit featured sites from across Fayette County, with 46 pieces from 26 artists. Digital art, drawing, mixed media, painting and videography were all among the mediums included in the exhibit. Youth who attend the William Wells Brown Community Center created works highlighting a garden next to the center.

1st Place: "Little Bandit in the Hostas," Marie Waddell Pearson

2nd Place: "Lavender Door," Fran Redmon

3rd Place: "Yellow Kisses," Yolanda Kennison

People's Choice: "Nightly Neighbors," Jennifer Stavinoha

2021 Art by Nature artwork