Art by Nature

The Art by Nature program highlights ways to improve and enhance the natural world through a gallery of native landscapes and plants highlighted by local artists. The 2023 exhibit focused on 35 urban creek across Fayette County. Stream buffers are an important part of the urban creek habitat. In addition to providing food and shelter for local wildlife, stream buffers help filter pollutants from the urban environment and reinforce stream banks, preventing erosion.

View the map of 2023 inspiration sites

Past years

  • 2018 – local greenways and streamside restoration projects
  • 2019 – native plants in medians, easements and mailbox strips
  • 2020 – 2021 – trees
  • 2022 – front yards

2023 award winners

The 2023 exhibit included 121 pieces of work from 90 local artists.

First place: Christina Conroy, Veteran's Park Creek
Second place: Cathy Vigor, The Boils/After the Rain
Third place: Marian O'Shaughnessy, Historic Stone Bridge, The Lane

Student honorable mention: Ruby Esparza, Weeping Meadow
Student honorable mention: Gwen Dalibor, The Creek in the Park
Student honorable mention: Tessa Howard, Field of Flowers

Exceptional environmental quality: Brian Connors Manke, If Frank Lloyd Wright Lived in Lexington and Ate Pizza

People's Choice: Savannah Guthrie, As It Was