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Code Enforcement


Mailing Address

101 E. Vine St., Suite 500
Lexington, KY 40507

Phone (859) 425-2255
Fax Fax: (859) 425-2274


Business Hours:
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kenneth Armstrong, Department Director

Kenneth Armstrong

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The Division of Code Enforcement is the governmental unit which deals with properties and property owners on a day-to-day basis to ensure that minimum maintenance and repair standards for all existing structures throughout the community are met. Division staff ensure that residential and commercial structures are maintained to the minimum standards set forth in the International Property Maintenance Code.

Division activities are organized into two programs:

Comprehensive Inspections:
Structures in neighborhoods throughout the community are surveyed by the staff to determine the need for maintenance and repair. These surveys are used to designate specific structures that could benefit from comprehensive inspection. After inspection, a Notice is sent to the owner. The Notice points out the repairs that need to be made and sets a time frame for those repairs. The property is reinspected to monitor the progress of the repairs and eventually to determine that the property is again in compliance with minimum standards.

Complaint Inspections:
Complaints originating from tenants, neighbors and/or other concerned parties are received by division staff who inspect the properties and note violations. A Notice is sent informing property owners of the required repairs and time limitations for those repairs. Properties are reinspected for compliance with the Notice at designated times during this process.

Demolition of a structure can be ordered when a structure poses a danger to occupants or the community.

If the owner does not cooperate in making the required repairs to a property, Lexington's Code of Ordinances provides avenues for civil penalties and/or court prosecution.

Other Property Laws:
Code Enforcement provides information and insures compliance with other laws regarding private property, such as:

* Bushes obstructing sidewalks
* Junked vehicles
* Litter
* Weeds 

Failure by an owner to correct violations concerning junk cars, weeds or trash and debris can result in the government contracting to have the work performed or vehicle towed and placement of a lien against the property.

"Right of Way Signs"

The Division of Code Enforcement assists the Division of Building Inspection in enforcing “Right of Way Signs.” Under chapter 17 of the code of ordinances, it shall be illegal to place, erect or attach any sign that does not have a legal permit in the public right of way. Specifically, 17-4(g) states no sign shall be attached to any tree, utility pole, streetlight or dilapidated structure. Additionally, 17-4(j) states no sign may be located within the required sight triangle of any intersection, nor within or projecting into the public or private street right-of-way, except as specifically permitted. Code Enforcement will remove the signs and dispose of them.


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