Visitation guidelines

The following are the basic rules and guidelines for visiting an inmate.

  • Once registered for visitation, visitors are not permitted to leave the building.  Doing so shall be considered a cancellation of the visitation unless special permission to do so was granted by the lobby officer.


  • All visitors and their vehicles shall be subject to search at any time while on facility proper.  This includes "pat frisk" of visitors to the facility.  If a visitor refuses to comply with the search, the visitor shall not be permitted entry into the facility and may be subject to have their visits suspended.


  • None of the following items allowed in the visitation hallway:
    • Non-medical electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, etc.)
    • Tobacco products
    • Non-emergency life sustaining medications (OTC Medication)
    • Lighters
    • Weapons to include pocket knives
      • Per KRS 527.020, individuals with a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon are not permitted to bring such a weapon onto facility property.


  • All visitors will be wanded.


  • Any minor age 16 or older must be on the inmate's visitation list and have a government issued ID in order to visit.  Any minor under the age of 18 must be accompanied by someone age 18 or older who is also on the visitation list.


  • Any minors over the age of 12 shall comply with the adult dress code.  Visitors shall remain appropriately dressed at all times in compliance with the dress code.


  • Acceptable clothing includes:
    • Pants, shorts, capris and shirts worn at the waist so no under garment show
    • Jerseys or tank tops worn with a sleeved undershirt
    • Jogging suits
    • Spandex or leggings covered with skirt or shorts that are no higher than the width of a dollar bill in length above the knee (2 inches above the knee)
    • Form fitting outerwear (i.e. yoga pants, leggings, tights, etc.) that is covered by another article of apparel and meets the criteria of being no higher than 2 inches above the knee (skirts, long shirts designed to be worn with leggings).
    • Undergarments shall be worn.  Female visitors must wear at minimum underwear and a bra.
    • Footwear shall be required at all times.


  • Unacceptable clothing includes:
    • Clothing with obscenities, vulgarities, profane language, gang related, ethnic or racially offensive stereotypical language or pictures.
    • Visible undergarments, tank tops worn without an undershirt, spaghetti strap shirts, shirts with mid-drift exposed, see through clothing, clothing that exposes cleavage and bosom.
    • Holes in pants which skin is exposed that is high that 2 inches above the knee.
    • Cut-off T-shirts.