Vehicle/equipment incident review committee

The purpose of the Incident Review Committee is to determine preventability in accordance with the National Safety Council’s definition of a preventable collision, “Did the driver do everything reasonable to avoid the collision?” To make this determination, the committee will review all necessary documentation (e.g. the supervisor’s incident investigation report -- SP302, statements of those involved, witness statements, photographs of the scene, police report, interview information, inspection reports, maintenance records, overhead aerial photos, site visit if necessary, and relevant policies and procedures).

The committee consists of one (1) representative from each of the following.

  1. Risk Management
  2. Lexington Police Department
  3. Fire and Emergency Services
  4. Fleet Services
  5. Public Works

If the committee determines that a) the employee-driver’s action or lack of action is the primary contributing factor to the incident; or, b) the employee-driver’s action or lack of action is a significant contributing factor to the incident even if the incident is considered the fault of another driver, the supervisor shall refer to uniform disciplinary codes for appropriate discipline. The division director of the employee found to have a preventable incident shall request the full cost to repair damages from law, and/or law’s claims section. The division directors will be notified when the claims have been paid in full and are closed.

If the committee determines that the employee-driver’s action(s) is neither the primary contributing factor nor a significant contributing factor to the incident, no disciplinary action is warranted under code 10A. or B.

CAO Policy 54: Vehicle and Equipment Damage and Accident Policy