Trail Construction Updates

A number of downtown trails are under construction. Including the completion of Legacy Trail connecting to the East End, construction of the Town Branch Trail through the Distillery District, the Town Branch Connector along Newtown Pike, and the Town Branch Commons running through the heart of downtown. This page will provide regular updates for each of these projects through construction. Check back periodically to get the latest updates!

We ask for your patience as our city goes through this phase of change. We know construction can be loud, dirty, and an annoyance but we believe the end product will be a downtown core that will be enjoyed by all!  Learn more about Town Branch Commons, Town Branch Trail, and Legacy Trail by visiting their project homepages.

Downtown Trails Construction Map




Town Branch Commons Trail Construction Updates

The Town Branch Commons (TBC) trail construction includes dedicated bike and pedestrian paths along Newtown Pike, Vine St, and Midland Ave. Construction began on Newtown Pike in March 2020. Work started on Vine St. at Broadway in July 2020. Work near the Lexington Center is expected starting fall 2020. Work on Vine St. will continue east toward Midland Ave. Downtown travelers should be prepared for various lane closures along the trail’s route to accommodate construction. We do not expect the complete closure of Newtown Pike, Vine St. or Midland Ave. during construction.

Town Branch Commons Construction Activity Per Work Zone:

Zone 7:  Newtown Pike from Main St. to Fourth St.

Construction continues on this zone. Temporary lane closures may occur to accommodate work to construct the trail.Work will continue in this zone through summer/fall 2020.

Description of work completed and underway:

  • Pace Construction has completed the narrowing of the median along Newtown Pike, this was completed to allow traffic to shift and make space for the trail along the outbound lanes of traffic. Banner poles  have been reinstalled and replanting will occur this fall.
  • During demolition a historic foundation was uncovered. Archaeologists were called to the site for additional excavation, documentation, and research deemed necessary by the State Historic Preservation Office and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
  • All storm sewer drainage, curb and gutter, and infrastructure for street lights has been completed.
  • RJ Corman has installed a new pedestrian railroad crossing agate for the bike & pedestrian path near Third St.
  • The final asphalt has been poured for the multi-use path from Main St to Fourth St. and final clean up and grading adjacent to the path is underway.
  • Intersections are still under construction as ADA ramps are installed.
  • The sidewalk adjacent to outbound traffic remains closed from Main St. to Fourth St. to accommodate completion of the trail construction.
  • Work is underway at Main St. and Oliver Lewis Way to widen the sidewalk for bike and pedestrian use and to install additional safety measures near the bridge.

Zone 4: Vine St. at Lexington Center from Tucker St. to Broadway

Construction is expected to begin in fall 2020 in coordination with the Lexington Center construction project already underway. 

Zone 3: Vine St. from Broadway to Upper St.

Construction has started on Vine St. Temporary lane closures may occur to accommodate work to construct the trail.Work will continue in this zone through fall 2020.

  • Contractors have mobilized on Vine St. and demolition is underway. All light poles and additional items to be salvaged have been removed and stored.
  • Trees have been removed on the north side of Vine St. from Broadway to Upper St.
  • Lane markings on Vine St. have been redone to shift traffic south to allow for construction to begin along the northern curb. This new striping has eliminated the bike lane on Vine Street through the construction phase.
  • Pedestrian detours have been indicated at street level to accommodate foot traffic while sidewalks are closed to accommodate trail construction.
  • Construction is expected through end of the year.

It can be shocking to see this demolition occur, especially when the trees come down. But you should know the 14 trees that will come down between Broadway and Limestone will be replaced with 44 new trees along the trail’s path. When completed the Town Branch Commons project will not only add a safe place to walk or bike, but also add native plantings and nearly three times the number of trees to the downtown core!  

Zone 2: Vine St. from Limestone to Quality St.

Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

Zone 1: Vine St. from Quality St. to Main St. and Midland Ave. from Main St. to Third St.

Construction is expected to begin in 2021.



Town Branch Trail: Distillery District Construction Updates

The Town Branch Trail through the Distillery District includes a dedicated path for bikers and pedestrians. Work will occur on Old Frankfort Pike, Manchester St. and Forbes Road starting in April 2020. Once completed, this path through the Distillery District will connect to Downtown and the Legacy Trail. Visit the Town Branch Trail homepage to learn more about this trail.

Town Branch Trail construction activity:

The construction of the Town Branch Trail-Distillery District has officially started. This section of trail is from Forbes Road at Manchester St. along Manchester to its intersection with Oliver Lewis Way. It includes the additional turn lanes at Manchester and Forbes. The contractor is ATS Construction and they have started installing erosion and sediment control along the corridor. You may also have noticed that Kentucky Utilities has started their relocation, with the other utilities just as Windstream, Spectrum, Metronet, Columbia Gas and KY American Water to follow. As the project progresses, I will be providing periodic updates. If you are on this email list and wish to be removed, please let me know.

Activity from July 6 – 10

  • Windstream, Metro Net, Spectrum, Century Link and ATT are continuing to relocate their facilities.  Water Quality has finished the sanitary sewer work. Manchester St. is open.


Goals for week of July 13 and next several weeks

  • Windstream, Metro Net, Spectrum, Century Link and ATT continue to relocate their facilities. Plans are to pave Manchester from the Norfolk Southern overpass to Oliver Lewis Way completing the majority of the east side of the project by the end of the month. The box culvert extension work will begin once the utilities are relocated later this month.

Legacy Trail Phase 3 Construction Updates

The Legacy Trail Phase 3 will connect previously completed phases of the trail to the east end. This phase of the trail includes on road and off road dedicated paths for bikers and pedestrians. Trail construction is currently ongoing.  Work will occur on Fourth St. from Jefferson St. to Elm Tree Lane, Elm Tree Lane from Third St. to Fourth St. and Third St. from Elm Tree Lane to Midland Ave. Once completed in fall 2020, these dedicated bike lanes and sidewalks will connect our rural landscape to downtown Lexington creating a 12-mile trail from the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden to the Kentucky Horse Park. It will also provide access to the Town Branch Commons and Town Branch Trail and the growing county-wide trails system. Visit the Legacy Trail homepage to learn more about this trail.

Legacy Trail construction activity:

Activity from July 6 – 10

  • Finished stone masonry work on the project.
  • Installed storm lateral lines on Third St. between Race and Shropshire.
  • Framed, poured and finished 400’ linear week of 10’ wide monolithic curb and sidewalk.
  • Finished all concrete sidewalks on the south side of Third St.
  • Started the demolition on the north side of Third St. heading west from Race St. to Ohio St.
  • Graded behind the sidewalks on the south side of Third St. from Ohio St. to Shropshire.
  • Cleaned up multiple areas on the project.


Goals for week of July 13, 2020

  • Finish monolithic concrete curb and sidewalks on the north side of Third St. heading west from Shropshire to Race St.
  • Install concrete curbs on the south side of Third St. between Ohio and Race.
  • Pour and finish concrete around the remaining Legacy Trail Medallions.
  • Install concrete entrances on the north side of Third St. between Race and Ohio.
  • All concrete sidewalks, curbs and concrete entrances will be demolished by the end of the week.
  • Install concrete sidewalks on the north side of Third St. between Race St. and Chestnut.


Note: Still on schedule for paving operations to begin on Third St. the last week of July or the first week of August.


Town Branch Commons

Brandi Peacher, Mayor’s Office

Town Branch Trail – Distillery District

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Legacy Trail

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