Sanitary sewer construction updates

Utility improvements are being made in downtown starting with the construction of the Midland Ave. trunk sewer upgrade. Check back periodically for updates on construction and road closures.

  • East Main St. travel and parking lanes will be closed temporarily the week of 10/29 to allow for final paving work to be done. Note: the travel lane, parking spaces and sidewalk along East Main St. may remain closed in some locations due to construction activities on adjacent properties.
  • Short St. will remain closed as sewer work continues from Midland to Eastern Ave.
  • Midland Ave. will continue to have lane closures from Short St. to Third St. as construction will be required in the two outbound lanes (the Herald Leader side of the street). One inbound lane and one outbound lane will remain open to traffic. 

Updated October 26, 2018


Map: Utility ConstructionMap update Midland


Businesses Impacted During Construction

Closures are expected through the fall. Pedestrian traffic will be maintained and business entrances will be accessible. So be sure to visit your favorites in the area!

  • Cup of Commonwealth
  • The Button Hole
  • First Kentucky Securities Corporation
  • Jimmy John's
  • KLH Engineers
  • FedEx Office
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • CycleYOU
  • Detail LEX

What you will see during utility construction

Sanitary sewer upgrade: The Midland Avenue project will increase the size of over 3,500 feet of sanitary sewer trunk lines, which are the pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the wastewater treatment plant. Increasing the capacity of sanitary sewer lines helps prevent sanitary sewer overflows, which occur when the sewer becomes overburdened and spills untreated sewage into roads, yards and creeks. Contractors will be replacing old and/or installing new higher capacity sanitary sewer pipe. Work is anticipated to be from July 2018 to Spring 2019. Area of impact: along Main (from Elm Tree to Eastern), Eastern (from Main to Short), Short (from Eastern to Midland), and Midland (from Short to Third)

  • Main & Elm Tree will be the first area of work, and contractors will move along Main toward Eastern Avenue. The parking lane and one travel lane on the north side of Main (Thoroughbred Park side) will be closed for construction.
  • Short Street at Midland Avenue will also be closed initially to accommodate the digging of a large pit to fit needed equipment for tunneling under Midland Ave to place sanitary sewer lines. 
  • Pedestrian traffic will be maintained and business entrances will be accessible.
  • The south lane (Herald Leader side) of Midland Avenue will be closed beginning in September to allow for construction.
  • Closed travel lanes and on-street parking will be returned to operation as quickly as possible as work progresses.
  • The Midland Avenue trunk sewer upgrade portion of Town Branch Commons is scheduled for completion in early 2019.


Kentucky Utilities will be making additional utility enhancements along Midland Avenue. KU will be relocating distribution lines and upgrading some transmission lines along Midland Avenue. Area of impact: Midland Avenue and Corral Street (at the intersection with Midland Avenue) More details about the trail’s construction will be uploaded periodically – check back for future updates.

Map: Utility Construction

This utility work is enhancing downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. It is also step one of the Town Branch Commons. Town Branch Commons is a winding park and trail system that will roughly follow the path of Town Branch, Lexington’s first water source, which is located in a culvert under modern-day Vine Street.