Tax District Workgroup

Tax District Workgroup
Goals and Tasks

Goal 1:
Have a process to address or fix issues and errors

1. Corrections are addressed in the current policy, but it may need to be more specific, for example, separating corrections that require council action from ones that can
be done internally between LFUCG and PVA
2. Notifications of internal changes may need to be outlined

Goal 2:
Update the data for all urban services

1. Gain an understanding of the patchwork of tax districts and incoherence
2. Clean up refuse data and address errors
3. Clean up street sweeping data and address errors
4. Clean up street lights data and address errors
5. Consider software that can maintain data going forward that both LFUCG and the PVA can use

Goal 3:
Update the Tax District Change Policy and Procedures and enhance public access to information about tax districts and the policy

1. Revise the policy (specifically review the 3 identified triggers and determine if they are still appropriate or need to be updated)
2. Have a presence on the web
3. Make the electronic petitions to change tax districts a permanent option for residents

Goal 4:
Review the services provided within the Urban Services Boundary and how those services are defined, with the consideration of possibly redefining services in the future

1. Determine if this should be phase 2 of this workgroup
2. Summarize options or considerations that this workgroup realized for future work or the next phase

Kathy Plomin, Chair, 12th District Council Member
Hannah LeGris, 3rd District Council Member
Susan Lamb, 4th District Council Member
Amanda Bledsoe, 10th District Council Member

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