Task Force on Neighborhoods in Transition

CURRENT STATUS: The task force last met on March 3, 2020. Regular meetings have been canceled until further notice. Chair of the task force and Councilmember, James Brown, plans to reconvene the task force once the work of the Mayor’s Commission on Racial Justice and Equality concludes.

Purpose – To identify ways to protect vulnerable residents from the consequences of neighborhood redevelopment and transformation especially displacement, with an emphasis on preserving the history and the culture of communities.

Scope of work

  1. Identify existing resources.
  2. Provide information/education to residents about homeownership/renting and the comp plan, new process (rural/urban/suburban).
  3. Foster relations with residents and developers.
  4. Identify ways to protect and empower residents to learn about the history of a community.
  5. Identify characteristics of vulnerable neighborhoods.
  6. Develop policies/programs that support and empower residents and neighborhoods.


Task Force Expectations

  • Issue interim report to Urban County Council in 2019
  • Issue a final report at the conclusion of Task Force’s work
  • Make recommendations to Urban County Council
  • Make recommendations to social service organizations

Task Force members

  • CM James Brown, 1st District – CHAIR
  • VM Steve Kay, At-Large
  • CM Bill Farmer, 5th District
  • CM Preston Worley, 7th District
  • Denise Brown – Downtown/East End Resident
  • Rachel Childress – Lexington Habitat for Humanity
  • Art Crosby– Lexington Fair Housing Council
  • Jimmy Emmons – LFUCG Division of Planning
  • Chris Ford – LFUCG Department of Social Services
  • Glenda George – LFUCG Department of Law
  • Rufus Friday – Lexington Herald-Leader
  • Artie Greene – Downtown Resident
  • Stan Harvey – Lord Aeck Sargent / Infill & Redevelopment Committee
  • Robert Hodge – Hodge Properties
  • Ed Holmes – EHI Consultants
  • Shayla Lynch – Lexington Fair Housing Council
  • Sam Matheny – Northside Neighborhood Association President
  • Jeff Moore – Mt Melrose and M & M Investments
  • Russ Barclay – Lexington Community Land Trust
  • Kris Nonn – NoLi Community Development Corporation
  • David O’Neill – Fayette County PVA  
  • Derek Paulsen – LFUCG Department of Planning
  • P.G. Peeples – Lexington Urban League
  • Miranda Scully – Fayette County Public Schools
  • Ray Sexton – Lexington Human Rights Commission
  • Gerald Smith – Pilgrim Baptist Church / University of Kentucky
  • Knox van Nagell Pfister – Fayette Alliance Board of Directors
  • Bill Wilson – Planning Commission
  • Miguel Lucero – 11th District Council Office

  Member bios

2020 meeting schedule

Meeting locations may vary. Please check the location carefully.

Note: All meetings will take place at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Jan. 7 | Lextran, Admin Office
Feb. 4 | Lextran, Admin Office
Mar. 3  | Lextran, Admin Office
Apr. 7 | Lextran, Admin Office
May 5 | Lextran, Admin Office
Jun. 2  | Lextran, Admin Office
Aug. 4 | Lextran, Admin Office
Sept. 1 | Lextran, Admin Office
Oct. 6 | Lextran, Admin Office
Nov. 10 | Lextran, Admin Office

*Lextran, Admin Office, 200 W. Loudon Ave.

Task Force Materials

Meeting summaries


It’s important to understand these resources were shared with the task force for informational purposes. They are not supported by or formally endorsed by the Neighborhoods in Transition Task Force.

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