Sustainability is an ongoing process that involves buy-in at multiple levels – individuals, businesses, educational institutions, local and national governments.

In support of this process, LFUCG hired its first sustainability manager in 2022 to lead holistic, coordinated, long-term efforts related to sustainability.

At the heart of sustainability is the goal of meeting needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. It’s not only about the environment but also people and the economy. A sustainable community is a more resilient community, better positioned to quickly and justly meet the challenges presented by a changing climate, economic instability, pandemics and other disruptors.

Lexington is creating an updated Empower Lexington: A Plan for a Resilient Community. Learn about the framework, review the working group recommendations and share your thoughts by visiting the Empower Lexington webpage.

Lexington has a history of initiatives that contribute to sustainability, and the sustainability manager’s work will build on these.

  • Energy – monitor energy use, maximize efficiency, trouble shoot problems
  • Waste – support a regional recycling program, collect and mulch yard waste, promote home composting, collect and properly dispose of landfill-bound waste
  • Water Quality – stormwater and sanitary sewer systems upgrades, public outreach related to protecting and improving local water quality
  • Urban Forestry – maintaining and expanding the tree canopy on public property, encouraging tree planting on private property
  • Greenways – maintaining and improving greenways
  • Transportation – working to make streets safe for all users, growing the trail system, adding sidewalks and bike lanes

The sustainability manager position grew from the Empower Lexington Plan, adopted by Council in 2012. One of the first tasks the manager will complete is working with interested members of the community to update the plan. Once the plan is adopted by Council, the manager will implement the sustainability plan with the continued support of engaged community members.

Those who wish to be involved can email LiveGreenLexington.