Sugar Maple

All About the Sugar Maple:

Scientific Nomenclature: Acer saccharum

Common Names: sugar maple, hard maple

Mature Height: 40–100 feet

Mature Spread: 30–60 feet

Growth Rate: Slow

Attracts Wildlife: Pollinators, moths, birds and small mammals

Messiness: Foliage will turn color and drop by winter. Long drooping flowers are present in spring and paired, papery-winged samaras mature and drop during summer.

Shape: Oval

Native to Kentucky: Yes

Preferred Soils: Prefers moist, well-drained neutral (6.0–8.0pH) or acidic (<6.0pH) soils with high organic matter content. Has no preference over clay, loam or sand. It is intolerant of compacted soils and pollution.

Screening: Has no use as a screening or privacy tree.

Drought Tolerance: It is intolerant of drought and high heat.

Coniferous or Deciduous: Deciduous

Pruning: Sugar maples do not require pruning though deadwood can be removed when the tree is dormant to keep the tree vigorous.

Climate Quick Facts:

Following being planted as a sapling, over 20 years one sugar maple will:

  • Sequester ~478 pounds of CO2.
  • Reduce stormwater runoff by 84 gallons.