Southland Park, Yuma and Tucson improvements

Flooding and drainage problems in this area can be reduced through stormwater detention at Southland Park along with construction of additional storm sewer. Approximately 1,700 feet of additional storm sewer is proposed along Pasadena, Topeka and Hill 'n Dale, along with 1,200 feet of additional storm sewer along Tucson and Burbank. Green infrastructure such as curb extensions leading to rain gardens, bio swales or filter strips will also be considered. 

Southland Park, Yuma, Tucson Area Stormwater Project - Phase 1 - Basin - Construction Plan Set

Southland Park basin schematic

Southland Park detention basins map drawing

Pasadena and Yuma storm sewers

map of proposed storm sewers at Pasadena and Yuma

Tucson parallel storm sewer

proposed storm sewer along Tucson