Recycle updates

The Lexington Recycle Center doesn’t actually recycle materials. It simply processes and sorts the materials that are delivered by recycling collection trucks from across Central Kentucky. View the recycling map. The sorted materials are then sold or given to various industries that recycle them.

This page provides the latest updates on what’s happening at the center.


April 7, 2022

The Lexington Recycle Center reopened after undergoing extensive upgrades. Paper is once again being accepted in curbside recycle carts and mixed recycling dumpsters. Cartons, such a broth boxes, milk cartons and juice boxes, are now added to the list of acceptable materials.

The Recycle Center is now accepting: aluminum and steel cans, canisters and lids; #1 and #2 plastic bottles, jars and jugs (caps on); paper; cartons (caps on); glass bottles and jars; cardboard; and paperboard. Materials put in recycle carts and dumpsters should be clean, dry and loose. Recyclable materials should never be bagged.

A downloadable flyer is available. You can also visit our main recycling page or the recycling FAQ page.  

More than $4.2 million was invested to upgrade equipment and improve the sorting process. The sorting process now has more optical sensors to better sort plastics. Glass is sorted out earlier in the process to reduce equipment damage from broken glass.

A private contractor processed the city's recycling while the Recycle Center was being renovated.

The city will continue to service the seven yellow paper bins scattered around Lexington. The paper-only program will be evaluated after several months to determine whether it is still adding value to the city’s overall recycling efforts.

Be in the know

The center’s operations can be impacted by unwanted materials mixed in the recycling stream. This trash reduces the efficiency of the center’s operations. It can damage equipment, place employees at risk and diminish the value of sorted materials that the center sells. Help keep the center running smoothly by recycling right.

Residents with city waste service can sign up for 311 Alerts to receive an email when a Recycle Center diversion will affect your collection day. As long as we know in time to give notice about cart set-out, we’ll tell you when we are diverting material to the landfill via 311 Alert. We also send reminders about holiday collection schedules, special events like Household Hazardous Waste Collections and more.