Public Information Office

The Public Information Office (PIO) is a resource and referral center that serves residents, members of the news media and City employees. The office is responsible for promoting the City's services, programs and events, which includes: 

  • Managing the City's internal website (Lex Link) and external website (
  • Managing the City’s social media accounts and overseeing all social media accounts
  • Managing and enforcing the City's branding standards
  • Taking photographs of City events and programs and managing the City's photo archive 
  • Working in coordination with City departments and divisions on creating and proofing communications and marketing materials in order to maintain effective and consistent branding and messaging 


To effectively communicate the many programs and services the City provides, LFUCG has adopted a unifying brand and graphic identity. The reputation of this identity rests on the clear and consistent use of logos, colors, typography and other imagery used by the City’s many departments and divisions.

Every form of written and visual communication is a reflection of the City’s brand, which includes printed materials, signage, email, websites, videos and digital media.

Branding guidelines/resources:

  • City logo and branding guidelines
    This guide includes information and usage examples for logos, typography, colors, vehicles and more.
  • City signage standards
    This guide includes standards for interior and exterior signs at city buildings, including window decals.
  • CAO Policy 57
    The City's official policy pertaining to branding standards.  

IMPORTANT: The City's blue horse logo may not be manipulated in any way and any use of the blue horse must adhere to the City's branding guidelines.  

Social media

There are more than 25 departments, divisions and specialty areas using social media to communicate with citizens. Social media for the City is governed by CAO Policy 50 and overseen by the Public Information Office. 

In order to create a new account or add administrators to an existing account, employees must contact the PIO and fill out the appropriate paperwork. 

Additional resources: 


PIO staff

  • Stacey Dimon – Information Office Supervisor  
  • Nick Brock – Digital Content Administrator (graphics, website)
  • Amy Wallot – Information Officer (photography, social media) 
  • Skip Burke – Information Officer (Lex Link)