Property and Evidence Unit

Property Obtained by Lexington Police

Police officers and detectives book items into one of three categories:

Found Property
There may or may not be a known owner for Found Property. If not, it may be required that ownership is proven to obtain items. Information such as make, model, serial number, unique markings may be helpful to identify property. Found property is considered unclaimed after 90 days and will be disposed. Individuals, who find property and turn it into the police, may be able to claim it after this period. Property finders must make a request in writing, prior to the 90th day.

Personal Property
Items taken at the scene, or upon arrest, for safekeeping are booked as personal property and are available for release. If the officer has provided an address, a letter will be mailed from Property & Evidence that contains information in order for citizens to retrieve property. Property not claimed after 90 days will be disposed.

Items booked as evidence can only be released with the permission of the officer assigned to the case, or by written order of the court. The court does not automatically order the release of property upon finalization of the case. Citizens should consult with their attorney or prosecutor of the case in order to obtain a judge’s signed court order. Court Orders should reference the police case number and be presented to police personnel at headquarters in order to retrieve confiscated items. As with other property, items will be disposed of after 90 days of issuance of a court order or notification by an officer. Stolen property that has been recovered is considered evidence. 

Citizens claiming property

  • Citizens have 90 days after notification to retrieve property. Afterwards, items will be disposed.
  • A government issued photo ID is required to obtain items.
  • Before releasing firearms, police personnel will conduct a background check on the individual receiving the weapon.
  • By providing police personnel with a case number that property is associated with, the wait time will be shortened. A case number can be obtained from the officer or detective familiar with the property being retrieved.
  • Large items such as bicycles require an appointment due to additional retrieval time. Please call to arrange a time that such property will be available.
  • When picking up items for another person, a notarized letter from the owner giving permission to do so must be given to personnel.
  • Vehicles that have been towed for traffic related issues are usually stored at Bluegrass Towing (859-233-7311) and may be available for release. If a vehicle has been impounded because it suspected that it is involved in a crime, then it will not be released until the investigation is complete. For more information please contact the Technical Services Unit
  • For property confiscated at the Fayette County Detention Center, please call (859) 425-2700.
  • Out of area citizens may arrange to have property (no guns) shipped to them by contacting The Mailroom at (859) 268-0206. The Mailroom is not affiliated with the police department and cannot answer questions about the property. 


The Lexington Police Department does not conduct “in-person” auctions of unclaimed property. However, items are available to bid/purchase at online auction websites. Non-vehicle items are available at Vehicles and motorcycles are available at Firearms cannot be sold or auctioned to the general public. Kentucky State Law requires that all firearms are sent to the Kentucky State Police where they are auctioned to licensed firearms dealers.