Pavement Management Subcommittee


The purpose of this subcommittee is to review and recommend updates as needed to LFUCG’s pavement management program to go before the Environmental Quality & Public Works Committee. 

Scope of Work

  1. Recommend as-needed updates to LFUCG’s pavement management program
  2. Draft an updated pavement management program composed of a policy and prioritization plan
  3. Evaluate the policy’s rubric for annual budget allocations and project prioritization
  4. Propose a multi-year budget and maintenance plan for city streets as an appendix to the policy
  5. Consider and define program goals in terms of performance metrics
  6. Review data requirements and make recommendations as needed for an efficient and successful pavement management program

Subcommittee Expectations

  • Provide Environmental Quality & Public Works Committee with periodic updates
  • Make a final recommendation to Urban County Council