Operation of vehicles

The following policy statements apply to city-owned or -leased vehicles as well as use of rentals and personal vehicles, if being reimbursed for mileage based on the standard IRS rate.

All employees shall comply with all laws, policies, rules, and regulations governing the use of vehicles for government-business purposes. For example, possession of a valid and proper driver's license is required; and, smoking and cell phone use while driving are strictly prohibited.

Employees who may be required at any time to drive a vehicle shall report a suspended or revoked driver’s license to their supervisor within twenty-four (24) hours of the occurrence.

Employees involved in an accident with a government vehicle or any vehicle while on-the-job shall notify their supervisor immediately (unless physically unable).

Division directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with established policies and procedures. Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action under the uniform disciplinary code. Accordingly, all employees who operate vehicles for government business purposes should refer to CAO Policy 3: Policy for using, managing, maintaining, and selecting vehicles for replacement for complete details.

CAO Policy 03: Policy for Using, Managing, Maintaining, and Selecting Vehicles for Replacement. Pre-Revisions: Vehicle Use and Assignment Policy