Wear red for firefighter appreciation day Friday

Mayor Jim Gray, joined by Councilmember Jennifer Mossotti, today urged Lexington residents to wear red on Friday, Feb. 5, to show their appreciation for our firefighters.

“The stockyards fire last Saturday reminded all of us, once again, of the importance of our first responders,” Gray said. “Several firefighters … including our interim chief who has been around for 33 years …told me this was the biggest fire they had ever seen. 

Despite its size, and despite the high winds, our firefighters did a great job and got the fire under control, Gray said. And there were no injuries. 

“Councilmember Mossotti suggested the idea for a Fire Appreciation Day, and I think it’s an outstanding idea,” Gray said. 

“This is a terrific opportunity for our community to pause and take a moment to express our sincere thanks to the brave men and women of the Lexington Fire Department for their ongoing dedication to duty and for all that they do for Lexington in the face of grave danger,” Mossotti said. 

In addition to wearing red, citizens are invited to drop by the firehouses to thank firefighters in person, or to drop off a token of their appreciation. 

“We normally like to turn our town blue,” Gray said. “But Friday it’s fire engine red.”