Clays Mill Road open to traffic

Clays Mill Road is now fully open to traffic. The Clays Mill Road Project, a 3.7-mile-long road and sidewalk improvement project, is complete with the exception of the final cleanup and to-do list items that will be finished in the Spring of 2023. This includes concrete and asphalt repairs, permanent roadway markings and additional plantings.

Since late summer, Clays Mill Road from Rosemont Garden to Harrodsburg Road was closed for road improvements and a stormwater culvert replacement. We appreciate the patience of residents, businesses and schools in the area during the closures of main roads and neighborhood streets throughout the project.

Southbend Drive will now be permanently one-way from Lone Oak Drive to Clays Mill. The change to one-way in the direction of Clays Mill Road will better facilitate traffic flow on Southbend Drive, which is a narrow roadway.

Additionally, there is now a left-turn-only lane onto Reed Lane for motorists traveling on Clays Mill Road from downtown to help with traffic flow.

More information on the Clays Mill Road Project is available at