Lexington’s eight annual Gobble Grease Toss a big success

If you came out to the Gobble Grease Toss last week, you helped us set a record. Lexington collected more oil than ever, clocking in at 402 gallons from 83 participants. There must have been a lot of turkeys fried this Thanksgiving!

Redwood Cooperative School volunteered their space and their hard work for the Gobble Grease Toss for the second year in a row. Students and parents unloaded cooking oil and surveyed participants.

"Redwood Cooperative School was excited to help provide a way for our community to recycle used cooking oil,” says Sarah Cummins, Director of Redwood. “We appreciate having this opportunity to be involved in environmental stewardship and renewable energy science."

The cooking oil collected at the Gobble Grease Toss will serve two purposes: it will be recycled by Kelley Green Biofuel as well as used for research by the University of Kentucky’s Center for Applied Energy Research (UK CAER).

“We currently have projects focused on developing new technology to convert feedstocks, like waste cooking oil, to fuels,” says Dr. Eduardo Santillan-Jimenez, Principal Research Scientist with UK CAER.

Redwood students who were involved with the Gobble Grease Toss will visit UK CAER to learn about cooking oil and biofuel research firsthand. UK CAER’s biofuel research and mentoring program is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation

If you missed the Gobble Grease Toss but have cooking oil left over, please dispose of it properly. Cooking oil and grease should never be poured down sinks because it can clog household and city sewer pipes, leading to costly backups and sewer overflows. Store oil and grease in a sealed container. Cool it in the refrigerator or freezer. Once it’s solid, dispose of it in your green trash cart.

For more information about environmental events in Lexington, visit lexingtonky.gov/LiveGreen.