City’s leaf vacuuming program starts on Nov. 9

Lexington’s once a year vacuum leaf collection program will begin on Monday, Nov. 9. The vacuum pickup, which is done by zones between Nov. 9 and Dec. 19, is offered to single-family homes that receive city waste collection service. 

Residents should prepare leaves before collection begins in their neighborhood. Rake leaves into the area between the sidewalk and street. If your sidewalk is next to the curb or if you have no sidewalk, place the leaves on the edge of your lawn closest to the street. Never rake leaves into the street; they can cause traffic hazards and clog storm drains. Piles should only contain leaves. Other objects, such as tree limbs and rocks, can injure crew members or damage equipment.

To find the vacuum collection start date for your neighborhood, use the interactive map at You can also sign up for vacuum collection email alerts by visiting

Residents are encouraged to check the map regularly up to the date your collection window begins. Weather, staffing, equipment failures and other issues all may impact the vacuum collection schedule. Schedule changes will be reflected on the interactive map. Residents who sign up for alerts will receive an email if there is a schedule change that affects their neighborhood. 

“Because of COVID-19, we can only hire half as many workers as normal due to the need for social distancing and limited employees in a truck,” says Streets & Roads Director Rob Allen. “Employees from Parks, Environmental Services and Water Quality will be helping to make up for the lost labor. Even with the additional support, COVID could impact the vacuum schedule, especially if cases continue to climb.”

Each eligible residence has one opportunity to receive leaf vacuum collection. This service is a supplement to the weekly collection service provided by Lexington’s Division of Waste Management. Waste Management will collect leaves and other yard waste set out in yard waste bags or in yard waste carts on your regular collection day. If you do not have a yard waste cart, you can request one at no additional charge by contacting LexCall at (859) 425-2255 or 311.

Vacuum leaf collections will occur the week of Thanksgiving. Yard waste carts and bags will not be collected that week.

All Fayette County residents, including those without city waste collection service, can dispose of leaves using the following methods:

  • Haley Pike composting facility: Any Fayette County resident can take two loads of yard waste per month to the facility at no cost. The compost facility is located at 4216 Hedger Lane. 
  • Mulching mower: Mulching is a great way to dispose of leaves. Mulching mixes grass clippings with leaf particles which feeds your lawn.
  • Backyard composting: There are many options for backyard composting. Local resources for assistance include the Fayette County Extension Office and Seedleaf.

For more information on leaf disposal options, call LexCall at 311 or visit

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