Truck-a-Palooza shifts gears, moves online

The city is shifting gears for Truck-a-Palooza, the popular event that provides an up-close look at the vehicles used by the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works. This year the event will be virtual, running Monday, October 19 through Friday, November 20. 

During the five week event, members of the public will have the chance to learn about the essential workers who keep the city running smoothly year-round. Designed with children and their families in mind, Truck-a-Palooza will feature 18 trucks and drivers from the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works. Those who tune in will be able to take 360 degree tours of the featured vehicles, learn fun facts about the trucks and meet the people behind the wheel. In addition to live events, virtual Truck-a-Palooza will include crafts and activities that kids can do on their own.

“Truck-a-Palooza is a great way for residents of all ages to learn about the essential services provided by the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works,” says Nancy Albright, Commissioner of the department. “The interactive, virtual truck tours are an awesome opportunity to see the trucks inside and out. I also look forward to the driver interviews as a way for the public to meet the hardworking  folks who serve the city every day.” 

Each week will feature a new set of trucks and their drivers. Children can complete a section of a scavenger hunt each week, and submit a completed version for a reward of miniature city trucks and more. 

Nearly 1,000 attendees participated in last year’s Truck-a-Palooza, which took place in November. 

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