Fayette County Clerk Elections Department closed

The Fayette County Clerk's Elections Department has been temporarily shut down due to a positive COVID-19 case. CDC guidelines require all employees in the area to self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks. We hope to reopen the department on Monday, Sept. 28. All other departments remain open. 

"This is a devastating setback for us. We are in the process of establishing backup processes, but this will definitely have a significant impact," said Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins, Jr. 

Citizens will be unable to contact the Elections Department until employees in that area can return. Questions about the upcoming election can be temporarily directed to the Kentucky State Board of Elections at 1-800-246-1399.

The primary impact on the election schedule will be a delay in mailing out ballots to citizens that have already requested them via the GoVoteKy.com portal. 

"We are hoping to keep the delay to a minimum, perhaps just a few days. Voters' requests for ballots will be processed in the date order received. Some may see their ballots by late September, but many will not receive their ballots until the first week of October," Blevins said. 

On a more positive note, all of the necessary election officers for the Nov. 3 election have been recruited. Clark Blevins is still negotiating locations for in-person voting and hopes to have those locations finalized later this week. 

The clerk's website contains the most up-to-date information regarding the election as well as all other services. Many services have been altered in order to compensate for safety restrictions related to the pandemic. Citizens are encouraged to check the website regularly for updates.