Mayor, Worley officially open sidewalk on Old Todds Road

Watch ribbon cutting

Mayor Linda Gorton, 7th District Councilmember Preston Worley and neighborhood representatives this morning cut a ribbon to officially open a new public sidewalk stretching 3,400 feet along Old Todds Road.

“Over the years, neighborhoods have grown up around Old Todds Road, which at one time was a rural road,” Mayor Linda Gorton said. “There’s clearly a need for sidewalks here. We want our neighborhood streets and roads to be pedestrian-friendly, and safe.

The need for this sidewalk was first brought to Councilmember Worley’s attention shortly after joining the Council. During a tour of the Eastside Library, Worley learned that children in the Woodhill neighborhood were using Old Todds Road to travel to the library on Palumbo Drive. Worley left the library and drove down Old Todds Road that same day. When he saw the dirt path through the grass where children were walking, he knew something had to be done.

Councilmember Worley said, “When this project was brought to my attention I knew we had to make it work. This sidewalk represents an investment in infrastructure, safety, access and equality. Today is a proud day for Lexington.”

Old Todds Road is one of the oldest roads in town, dating back to the 1780s, just a few years after Lexington’s founding in 1775. In addition to suburban growth, the road is still home to historic houses that are among the oldest in Lexington.

This new sidewalk makes this important stretch of road now fully walkable from Man O’ War via Palumbo all the way to Richmond Road, providing access and safety to and from work, school, business, the library, and other services for Woodhill and surrounding neighbors.

Gorton has funded projects all over town designed to improve Lexington neighborhoods, including improvements to roads, sidewalks, parks, and housing.

The new sidewalk features a pedestrian bridge over a small creek. The project cost $725,000.