Volunteers help keep Lexington’s creeks healthy

Lexington residents who are interested in the health of our local waterways are invited to attend an upcoming training to conduct water quality testing in local creeks.

The city’s Division of Water Quality is holding a workshop to train volunteers on how to collect water samples. The workshop will take place Thursday, August 15 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Town Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant, 301 Lisle Industrial Ave., Lexington, KY 40511. Volunteers should email jcarey@lexingtonky.gov if they plan to attend.

“I started testing water as a part of Water Watch, a state wide program, when I thought we should know more about the creeks at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, where I have hiked for over 40 years,” says longtime volunteer Phyllis Hasbrouck. “When I discovered the testing that was being done in the Fayette County watersheds, two of my hiking friends and I took the training and have been doing the testing ever since.”

Anyone with an interest in Lexington’s streams is welcome to volunteer – no science background required! After volunteers complete training, they can participate in sampling events in the East Hickman Watershed this fall and next summer. This is a great opportunity for citizens who want to know more about improving the health of local streams. “We all enjoy being outdoors and know how important water is to all of us,” adds Ms. Hasbrouck.

LFUCG provides the sampling equipment. LFUCG staff conduct the laboratory analysis of the samples, as well as offer professional support to volunteers during sampling events.

Draft water quality data is shared with volunteers, so they will receive results and feedback on stream conditions as they’re monitoring the East Hickman Watershed.

LFUCG will hold additional training sessions each year through 2023 as the sampling program rotates through each of the watersheds of Fayette County. LFUCG coordinates with Kentucky River Watershed Watch and the Hickman Creek Conservancy to identify potential volunteers and to track volunteer training. Follow @LiveGreenLex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more volunteer opportunities.