Dozens arrested in multi-agency roundup

Roundup SuspectsA four-day roundup of criminal suspects in Lexington resulted in 47 arrests of individuals with felony or misdemeanor warrants. The Lexington Police Department today announced the results of the crime reduction effort in collaboration with multiple local, state and federal partners.

Beginning Thursday, July 27 and running through Tuesday, August 2, multi-agency teams fanned out across Lexington to locate offenders with significant charges such as assault, wanton endangerment, sex crimes, trafficking in narcotics, high-dollar thefts, and probation violation for felony offenses.

The roundup led to the discovery of additional crimes being committed and resulted in a search warrant being executed at a home on Pemberton Street, where narcotics and around $1,500 in cash were seized.

The Lexington Police Department worked with the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff, state Probation & Parole, the ATF, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Service to successfully execute the roundup.  Highlights of the effort include:

  • More than 50 felony warrants served
  • 4 guns seized including:
    • One AK-47 assault rifle
    • Three 38-caliber pistols (one reported stolen)
  • Drugs seized including:
    • Approximately 1 gram of heroin
    • Approximately 5 grams of cocaine
    • Approximately 15 grams of marijuana


The following individuals were served warrants as part of the roundup effort:

Roundup Suspects1





Roundup Suspects2