Chemical root control work: July 16 – 21

As part of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s infrastructure program, chemical foam is being injected into the sanitary sewer system to control and inhibit root growth within the system. Although the chemical is safe, you may experience the smell of rotten eggs or sewer fumes if there is no water in your drain traps. Please run water in any drain that may not have been used lately. If you experience these smells, ventilate the area and the smell should go away.


Here are the areas that crews are expected to be working in:

Acorn Ct

Anniston Ct, Dr

Argonne Cir

Augusta Dr

Balmoral Ct

Belmont Ct, Dr

Belvoir Dr

Breeders Ct

Briarcliff Cir

Bridgestone Dr

Bryan Station Rd

Bryanwood Pkwy

Brynell Dr

Cahaba Rd

Cherry Ct

Costigan Dr

Dalton Ct

Deep Glen Ct

Donabrook Ct

Eastin Rd

Ellis Park

Etawah Dr

Fairgrounds Ct, Dr

Fordson Ct

Gerald Dr

Glenbrook Ct, St

Glendora Ct

Glengarry Way

Grandin Rd

Greenleaf Ct, Dr

Harrogate Rd

Heather Way

Hermitage Dr

Hi Crest Dr

Huntsville Dr

Ivy Ct

Kenawood Dr

Kingtree Ct, Dr

Kirklevington Dr

Laclede Ave

Leawood Dr

Loch Ness Dr

Lombardy Dr

Malabu Ct, Dr

Mariemont Dr

Marietta Dr

Medlock Rd

Mikan Ct

Moss Ct, Dr

Nantucket Dr

Northside Dr

Pennebaker Dr

Preakness Ct, Dr

Range Ct

Ranier Dr

Redding Rd

Rosewood Dr

Sandalwood Ct, Dr

Santa Anita Ct, Dr

Sierra Dr

Silverleaf Ct, Dr

Spring Station Cir, Ct, Dr

St Anthony Dr

Thistleton Dr

Turfway Dr

Valdosta Ct

Valley Farm Dr

Wayland Dr

Wickland Ct, Dr

Wilhite Ct, Dr

Winburn Dr

Writt Ct

sewer work