Lexington Parking Authority donates meter revenue

The Lexington Parking Authority announced today that it will donate $11,600 of meter revenue equally split between the Bluegrass Community Foundation’s COVID-19 response funds and God’s Pantry.

“We were pleased to help both these wonderful organizations who provide so much to our community,” said Board Chair James Frazier.

This donation represents all revenue collected at meters during the last two weeks of May, including coins, cash, credit cards, and meters paid using the Pay by Phone app.

The Parking Authority plans to maintain its Curbside Pickup locations until further notice. These free, 15-minute spaces have proven helpful to downtown restaurants needing carry out and delivery options.

“During this unprecedented time when there are many people needing food assistance due to COVID-19, this generous donation of $5,800 from the parking meters will help put food on the table for many,” said Michael Halligan, CEO. "God's Pantry Food Bank is always grateful for our partnership with LEXPARK, and their commitment to feeding those at risk of hunger in Fayette County.”

For customers concerned about touching meter surfaces, the Parking Authority recommends using the PayByPhone app which is free to download from the app store or visit paybyphone.com for more information. For a touchless experience at our gated parking garages, try the credit card in, credit card out feature.