City names school Audrey Grevious Center

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made it official today: the Lexington Day Treatment Center is now the Audrey Grevious Center.

“All students benefit from inspiration. And Audrey Grevious was an inspiring woman,” Gray said. “Teacher, principal, leader of the Civil Rights movement and member of the Civil Rights Hall of Fame.” She died in January 2017.

Joining the Mayor for the ceremony were several members of Mrs. Grevious’ family, including her brother, Robert Jefferson, a former Urban County Councilmember.

Mrs. Grevious, once president of the Lexington NAACP chapter, organized numerous protests and sit-ins in the 1960s. She was a former teacher and principal of Kentucky Village Reformatory, an alternative school that is now part of Blackburn Correctional Complex.

The Audrey Grevious Center is a joint operation of the City, Fayette County Public Schools and the State Department of Juvenile Justice. The School helps students get their academic careers back on track. Classes are small, and the school offers support through counselors and social workers.

Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk said, “Mrs. Grevious spent her life fighting for social justice and educating some of our community’s most vulnerable children. Her passion for serving students whose path forward includes challenges is an inspiration for all of us who stand as champions for ALL children. Renaming this school in her honor is not only appropriate, but is a call to action to expand and improve services for students who are involved in the court system because every child deserves a world class education.”

For several years, Councilmember Peggy Henson has been a vocal advocate for changing the name of the Day Treatment Center, which is located in her District.

“I am very grateful to the family of Audrey Grevious for allowing Day Treatment to be renamed in her honor,” Councilmember Peggy Henson said. “Ms. Grevious was a lady who spent her life helping young people to achieve success, when the perhaps the odds were against them." The center is located in Henson’s Council District.

The School’s new logo features a torch, traditionally an emblem of enlightenment and hope. Over the summer, the staff plans to write a mission statement for the school, with a focus on inclusivity, hard work, and effort. Staff will also decide on a school mascot. The current plan is to call the school mascot “Champion.” The school’s new colors are violet and gray.

“We're excited to build upon Mrs. Grevious’ legacy, through advocacy and collaboration, to empower a new generation of youth and families,” said Chris Ford, Lexington’s Commissioner of Social Services.

Mayor Jim Gray speaks at the Day Treatment renaming ceremony.