Recycling center expected to reopen on Monday

The replacement part needed to solve a mechanical problem with the machine that separates aluminum cans from other materials at the city’s Recycle Center did not arrive on Friday as expected. The part is now scheduled to arrive on Monday morning.

The broken machine forced the center to shut down on Thursday and Friday.

If the part arrives as expected, it will be installed and the center will begin processing materials already collected and stored on the center’s tipping floor along with recyclables that will be collected Monday. If the part is delayed, materials collected on Monday will be diverted to a landfill. The city works to avoid diverting recycled materials but is unable to store materials outside of the facility when the tipping floor is full.

Regardless, Waste Management drivers will collect carts that are placed out on Monday. Residents with Monday collection may opt to hold their carts to the following week if they want to be certain the center is processing material.

Updates will be posted on as they are available.

Lexington’s recycle center accepts: dry cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles and jugs with a screwtop neck, glass bottles and jars. A downloadable flyer of acceptable materials is available at


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