Chemical root control work: June 3 – 8

As part of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s infrastructure program, chemical foam is being injected into the sanitary sewer system to control and inhibit root growth within the system. Although the chemical is safe, you may experience the smell of rotten eggs or sewer fumes if there is no water in your drain traps. Please run water in any drain that may not have been used lately. If you experience these smells, ventilate the area and the smell should go away.


Here are the areas that crews are expected to be working in:

Barren River Ct

Bayonne Dr

Beaver Creek Dr

Biskoff Ct

Burgoyne Ct

Burgoyne Dr

Cabot Dr

Carriage Ln

Cove Lake Dr

Custer Dr

Dale Hollow Dr

Damel Ct

Dewey Dr

Dunes Cir

Easthills Dr

Elmwood Dr

Faulkner Ave

Green River Ct

Greenbo Rd

Harr Cir

High Ridge Dr

Kent Dr

Kingston Rd

Leslie Ct

Leslie Dr

Mammoth Dr

Marshall Ln

Old Kingston Rd

Otter Creek Dr

Packanack Ct

Pierson Dr

Pimlico Pkwy

Post Oak Ct

Post Oak Rd

Rogers Rd

S Eagle Creek Dr

Sandpiper Ct

Shandon Dr

Shoal Lake Dr

Squires Cir

Squires Rd

Tuscaloosa Ln

Wanda Ct

Wanda Way

Woodview Dr

Yellowstone Pkwy

Zorn Ct