Rethinking parking regulations

The City’s Division of Planning is rethinking parking requirements for developments and is asking the public to weigh in.

Parking is a necessary component of most, if not all, American cities, but all too often development is designed around parking, instead of the other way around. Lexington’s current regulations many times require developers to build parking they may not want and may never use, and this cost is passed along to consumers. Construction of excessive parking also contributes to a costly cycle of suburban sprawl that runs counter to overall sustainability goals.

As an implementation item of Imagine Lexington, the City’s 20-year growth plan, the Division of Planning has proposed changes to ensure we are building the right amount of parking and, most importantly, that parking lots are designed with the health, safety, and welfare of the community in mind.

An interactive exhibit presenting the proposal called, “Let’s Rethink Parking in Lexington, KY – Story Map and Survey” can be viewed at the embedded link or at the top of the project page. The City is encouraging the public to review the material and complete the embedded survey to provide input. The survey link will remain open until 5 p.m., Monday, May 31.

The Division of Planning is gathering feedback for the potential update to the city’s parking regulations. There will be a public hearing scheduled at a later date prior to any changes being made.