Chemical root control work: May 16 – 21

As part of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s infrastructure program, chemical foam is being injected into the sanitary sewer system to control and inhibit root growth within the system. Although the chemical is safe, you may experience the smell of rotten eggs or sewer fumes if there is no water in your drain traps. Please run water in any drain that may not have been used lately. If you experience these smells, ventilate the area and the smell should go away.


Here are the areas that crews are expected to be working in:

West Hickman 5 and 10     Council Districts 3, 4 and 5

Aberdeen Dr

Argyle Dr

Beechmont Rd

Bimini Rd

Brigadoon Pkwy

Brookview Dr

Chamberlain Dr

Dartmouth Dr

E Tiverton Way

Edinburgh Dr

Fox Fire Ct

Fox Harbour Dr

Fox Hunt Cir

Greenlawn Dr

Habersham Dr

Harvard Dr

Inverness Dr

Kenlock Dr

Lansdowne Dr

Loch Lomond Dr

Lookout Cir

Montavesta Rd

Northampton Dr

Old Crow Ct

Pepperhill Rd

Purdue Pl

Raintree Rd

Rocky Hill Ter

Stanford Dr

Stoneybrook Dr

Tangley Way

Tartan Dr

Tateswood Dr

Temple Dr

Tulane Dr

Vanderbilt Dr

Walhampton Dr

Wallace Ct

Wem Dr

Wickland Dr

Wilson Downing Rd

Yale Dr


North Elkhorn 2 and 3     Council District 6

Barwick Dr

Bryan Station Rd

Cantrill Dr

Curtis Ct

Eastin Rd

Eastland Pkwy

Gaidry Rd

Glengarry Way

Grandin Rd

Green Hills Rd

Hermitage Dr

Jennifer Rd

Mariemont Dr

Ranier Dr

Sierra Dr

Spring Station Ct

Spring Station Dr

Wickland Dr


Cane Run 2      Council District 1

Balfour Dr

Barksdale Dr

Bedinger Ct

Chris Dr

Cobyville Ct

Colchester Dr

Costigan Dr

Feltner Ct

Leitner Ct

Pennebaker Dr

Rittenhouse Ct

Valley Farm Dr