Welcome to The Bluegrass in your Backyard!

Spring is here in Lexington, and it’s the perfect time to start something new! Welcome to the Bluegrass in your Backyard, a new blog about our shared natural spaces in the Parks system. You may have visited one of our three natural area parks: Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, McConnell Springs, and Hisle Farm Park. But did you know that 29 of over 100 other parks are now included in our Bring Back the Bluegrass program?

Although we’re still in the baby stages, our hope is that Bring Back the Bluegrass will one day create wild spaces in parks throughout Lexington. The 2018 Parks and Recreation Master Plan was informed by members of the public who completed a survey about the future of our parks. Walking and hiking trails, nature parks, and nature programming were all listed as priorities for our city! As a result, the Bring Back the Bluegrass initiative was born and we are now in the beginning phase of naturalizing these spaces. Everyone should have access to the beauty and health benefits of natural spaces, and you can help make it happen! Visit this blog to learn about Bring Back the Bluegrass, nature in our parks, volunteer opportunities, and more.