Teaming up to fight hunger for needy families

City employees and community volunteers will start work this week on pre-packaging food in boxes that can be distributed to families.

The goal is to find a safe way to distribute food with social distancing, rather than having families shop in a crowd.

Distribution of the food boxes is expected to begin in about a week at God’s Pantry Food Bank sites, Mayor Linda Gorton said.

“These boxes hold enough food to feed an average family for a week,” Gorton said. “Thanks to everyone for working together to help these families.” The Food Bank estimates 10,000 food boxes will be needed per month to assist Fayette County and some portions of the broader 50-county service area served by the Food Bank.

Mike Halligan, Chief Executive Officer of God’s Pantry Food Bank, said, “We’re so very grateful for the support to help us fight hunger. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in profound ways. We are committed to continuing our services across Central and Eastern Kentucky, while ensuring the social distancing needed to stop this virus.”

Families in Fayette County should call (859) 259-2308, and those beyond Fayette should visit to find the closest site. Eligibility is based on current income and household size.

Commissioner of Social Services Chris Ford said, “Through coordination and safe social distancing, this partnership exemplifies Lexington’s resilient spirit, by bridging an unconventional response for those who need our support.”