Lexington Fire Department graduates 18 new fire lieutenants

The Lexington Fire Department celebrated the graduation of 18 of its newest Company Officers today at the Fire Training Center. 

This is the fifth class of newly promoted lieutenants to complete the intensive five-week training program in preparation for their new roles as company officers. 

“We began offering this training in 2012,” said Fire Captain Joey Harris, who was in charge of this year’s academy.  “Our department is responding to more emergency calls than ever, and the complexity and danger involved is also increasing. This training is an investment in not only the new lieutenants, but also in the firefighters they lead, and the community we serve. Having well-trained leaders ensures we are providing the best possible service to families in Fayette County.” The training covered a wide variety of topics new officers will face in their positions. Class topics included everything from fire ground tactics and elevator emergencies, to leadership, report writing, and diversity training.

“This is a very challenging course,” said Lexington Fire Chief Kristin Chilton. “I’m proud of the instructors who provided this training, and I am especially proud of the men and women who graduated today.” Lieutenants are the first supervisor to arrive at most emergencies, which can be anything from a heart attack to a warehouse fire. They have to be able to operate autonomously and efficiently in the first few minutes to ensure a positive result, Chilton said.

Lieutenants are front-line supervisors, usually in charge of a fire truck and two firefighters. This class was unique in that it had a more diverse cross-section of the LFD than previous classes. 

“Lieutenants from Training, Public Information, Inspections, and Investigations Bureaus were represented, in addition to the 14 lieutenants assigned to Fire Suppression,” said Harris.  All of the officers will rejoin their crews starting Monday better prepared for their new positions.

New Lieutenants in order of promotion

Lieutenant Jon Turner
Lieutenant Steve McCrum
Lieutenant Richard Harris
Lieutenant Jessica Bowman
Lieutenant Brad Ault
Lieutenant Morgan Klingshirn
Lieutenant Wes Watts
Lieutenant Justin Dee
Lt. Billy McIntosh
Lt. Maquel Johnson
Lt. Anthony Johnson
Lt. Joe Sexton
Lt. Curtis Manning
Lt. Sam Baumgartner
Lt. Mark Hawkins
Lt. Corey Calloway
Firefighter Josh Dollins
Firefighter Matt Wood

Photo of new lt. graduates