Multi-agency roundup nets dozens of arrests

March 9, 2017 - A four-day roundup of criminal suspects in Lexington resulted in 69 arrests of individuals with felony or misdemeanor warrants. The Lexington Police Department today announced the results of the crime reduction effort in collaboration with multiple local, state and federal partners.

Beginning Thursday, March 2, multi-agency teams fanned out across Lexington, following up on leads generated over several weeks. The focus of the effort was on felony offenders with active arrest warrants, with a priority on suspected violent offenders with significant charges such as robbery, kidnapping, assault, sex crimes, and trafficking narcotics.

In total, 69 arrests were made. Highlights include:

  • More than 60 felony warrants served
  • More than 10 misdemeanor warrants served
  • 7 guns seized including:

One AK-47

One 22 caliber semi-automatic handgun

One 22 caliber revolver

Two 38 caliber semi-automatic handguns

Two 38 caliber revolvers (both reported stolen)

  • Drugs seized including:

Approximately 24 grams of heroin

Approximately 24 grams of cocaine

Approximately 141 grams of marijuana 

  • $12,600 cash seized during these investigations

In the course of searching for the identified fugitives, teams uncovered additional criminal activities in progress including driving under the influence, drug trafficking, felons in possession of firearms, and other offenses.

The Lexington Police Department  worked with the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff, state Probation & Parole, Kentucky State Police, the ATF, the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Secret Service to successfully execute the roundup. 

The following individuals were arrested as part of the roundup effort:

Adams, Hillary                    Parole Violation

Adams, Houston                 Failure to Appear

Adams, Stanford                 Probation Violation

Arnold, Jeremiah                 Parole Violation, Robbery 1st 

Baker, Lashonda                 Theft by Unlawful Taking

Baltimore, Robert                Probation Violation

Bartleson, Darron L             Burglary 2nd

Basemore, Donald              Probation Violation

Baskin, Timothy D.              Probation Violation

Beckner, Aaron Falon          Robbery, etc. 

Brashear, Leonard               Sexual Abuse 3rd

Brown, Bryan Jr                   Probation Violation for Felony Offense (PCS 1st-Heroin)

Brown, Jordan D                  Assault 2nd, Unlawful Imprisonment,etc. 

Brown, Joshua                     DUI, Intimidating a Witness, etc. 

Brumley, Hoye A                  Probation Violation For Felony Offense 

Byrd, Sharon D                     Warrant-Care & Treatment of Animals

Campbell, Destiny A             TBUT Shoplifting (Felony)

Carter, Marvin Lee                Parole Violation

Cayson JR, William B            Burglary 2nd

Conner, Terral L                     Burglary 3rd

Cooper, John N                     Kidnapping, Trafficking

Cornelius, Alexzandria           Receiving Stolen Property Under $ 10,000

Curry, April Michele               Assault 2nd-DV

Davis, Mackenzie                  Trafficking

Divelbliss, Matthew W            Possession of Firearm by Felon, Persistent Felony Offender, Burglary, etc.

Downing, Antonio L.               Parole Violation

Dryden, Wanda                       Burglary 2nd

Engle, Chelsey B                    Burglary 2nd

Everette,  Cason                     Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon

Faulkner,Maurice                    Persistent Felony Offender

Fobear, James D                    Receiving Firearm

Freeman, Bernard                  Burglary 2nd

Furman, Mark A                      Parole Violation / Trafficking 1st

Gates, Robert                        Burglary 1st

Gideon, Michelle                    Non Payment of Fines; TBUT <$500

Godfrey, Aaron T                    Parole Violation - Assault 3rd

Gordon, Lacey                       Probation Violation

Gulley, Kristen N                    Violating Conditions of Release (Promotg Contr 1st, TCS 1st-Her

Harmon, Jose M                     Probation Violation

Helm, Joseph                         TCS 1st- Cocaine over 4 grams

Jackson,  Keith                       Failure to Appear

Johnson, Harvey III                 Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 1st

Johnson, Treschaun               Possession of Marijuana

Jones, Maurice                       TCS- Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana

Juvenile                                   Felony pick-up order

Juvenile                                   CCDW, RSP Firearm, Fleeing 2nd

King Jr, Gary B                         Wanton Endangerment 1st

Kinnaird, Gregory JR               Burglary 3rd

Lovings, Christoph                    Wanton Endangerment 1st

Lymon, Rodney                        TCS- Marijuana

Morris, Jefferey C                    Assault 1st

Nesbitt, Benjamin                    Trafficking / Firearms

Norton, Maurice                       TCS- Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana

Powell, Takesha Q                   Robbery 2nd, CCDW, Probation Violation

Richardson, Adrian                    Parole Violation - Manslaughter 2nd

Samuels, Elsworth                    Sexual Abuse 1st, Assault 4th

Sandoval-Hernandez, Tomas    Federal Holder- Fleeing Evading, No OL, Reckless Driving

Sizemore, Delmer L                  Criminal Mischief / Receiving

Strode, Alfred W                        Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 1st

Suter, Stephanie                        Assault 2nd

Taylor, Vandale                          Rape 3rd

Thorpe, Dennis Edward             Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Fraud

Vega, Cornelio                           Sexual Abuse 3rd

Warner, Edgar Scotty                 Warrant Parole Violation 

Wilkinson, Gerald                       Assault 2nd

Williams, Jerry                            Failure to comply with SOR

Williams, Nelson                         PCS 1st Heroin, PCS 1st (opiates), False Name / Address

Willis, Michael                             RSP Firearm, DUI, etc. 

Young, Melchizedeke D              Assault 2nd

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