Police seek information, witnesses regarding incident at Fayette Mall

The Lexington Police Department continues to investigate an incident that occurred Saturday at Fayette Mall that resulted in a physical altercation between a juvenile and two officers.

The incident occurred around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, February 2 near the H&M store at Fayette Mall. Two officers working an off-duty assignment were asked by mall security to investigate a group of teenagers who had been acting disorderly in several stores.

As the group was being detained for investigative purposes, a 16-year-old male subject became non-compliant with an officer’s request and a physical altercation ensued. The juvenile struck and injured the officer in the face, and punches were exchanged while both were on the ground. A second officer assisted in handcuffing the 16-year-old. The juvenile was charged with two counts of Assault 3rd, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct 2nd, and Criminal Mischief 3rd. He was field released to his mother.

Almost immediately after the incident occurred, video of a limited part of the altercation was posted to social media, however it does not include the entirety of what happened.

Because one of the officers involved in the incident works in a primarily administrative role, he was not assigned a body-worn camera. The other officer did have a body-worn camera, however it did not record. The police department is reviewing the cause of why it did not record and will address that issue accordingly.

As with all use of force incidents, the department is reviewing what happened.  We continue to receive information from witnesses,  and are encouraging anyone else who may have witnessed the incident, has video or pictures from the scene, or has other pertinent information, to contact the Lexington Police Department by calling 859-258-3600.