Snow crews focus on icy areas overnight

Heavy rainfall this weekend paired with declining overnight temperatures has led to refrozen roadways in some areas. Black ice – water that refreezes – can form on previously treated roads. Motorists are advised to drive slowly during the morning commute, especially on bridges, overpasses and ramps.

City snow crews reported Sunday evening to apply salt to the wet pavement in order to prevent black ice and flash freezing. Many roadways dried overnight, and salt is being applied to icy spots.

The LFUCG Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention cold weather plan remains in effect through the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 12.

The Lexington Police Dept. has resumed the reporting of non-injury collisions in Fayette County. If you were involved in a collision that occurred prior to noon Friday, you should file a civilian collision report online.

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Residents can get information on accidents, lane blockages, snow-and-ice trouble spots and road closures through the city’s Twitter accounts (@lexwrecks and @lexkypolice). They can also view traffic at major intersection in real time through the city’s traffic cameras at