LEXserv ACH automatic payment

You can avoid late fees and the hassle of writing a check or going online each month to pay your LEXserv bill by enrolling in ACH.

With ACH, your LEXserv account balance is paid automatically each month from your bank account with our secure process.

There is no fee charged if you use your bank account information for ACH and sign up as follows:


What you need:

  • LEXserv account number
  • Bank account information (Routing number, account number, account type)

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Cancel your automatic payment

To cancel your ACH, sign-in here and enter in the required information. You will receive an email when your cancellation is confirmed.

Frequently Asked ACH Questions

When is the automatic payment drafted from my bank account?
On the payment due date, the amount due will be withdrawn from the checking or savings account of choice. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the amount due will be withdrawn on the next business day. Please allow one full billing cycle for the ACH to take effect.  Another payment method is required prior to that time.

How do I change the account my automatic payment is drafted from?
If you have an existing ACH account, you must first cancel the authorization with the old banking information and then re-enroll in ACH with the new banking information.

When I move, do I need to make any changes to my ACH? 
When you move, your account is terminated as well as the automatic payment of it.  You will need to re-enroll with ACH using your new address.

How do I change the phone number or e-mail address associated with my ACH? 
To change your email address or phone number, you need to contact Customer Service at 1 (888) 987-8111.

What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to make my automatic payment?
Insufficient funds are handled in the same manner as an overdraft for a written check. If you do not have an arrangement with your bank to cover any charges made to your account when you have insufficient funds, you will incur a fee from LEXserv City Services.

Other questions about ACH? 
Call the toll-free LEXserv Customer Service number at 1 (888) 987-8111.